1890-11-07 (150lbs) Lachie Thomson w co 3 (finish) Harry Downie, London, England

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1890-11-07 (150lbs) Lachie Thomson w co 3 (finish) Harry Downie, London, England. Held in private and billed for the English 150lbs title, both men were born in Scotland, with Downie fighting out of Australia at the time. The contest started with Downie forcing the pace, never leaving Thomson alone, and the end of the opening session the latter was carrying two badly swollen eyes that were testament to his rival’s good work. However, it was Thomson, with solid lefts, who showed up the better in the second to have Downie on the floor four times prior to going for the finish in the third. It was now clear that Thomson had the power to control the fight and after dropping Downie a further four times in the third the last occasion produced a count out.

In the wake of this, two championship competitions at 150lbs were decided when William Robinson outpointed Felix Scott over six rounds at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Westminster, London on 6 December 1890 and Bill Husbands outpointed Alf Suffolk over six rounds at the same venue on 4 April 1891.

On 4 May 1892 Fred Greenbank challenged all England at 150lbs and was followed by Ted Rich on 24 October.

The next time the weight class came to life was when Dido Plumb challenged all England according to the Sporting Life on 10 September 1894.