1890-12-04 (104lbs) Patsy Sheehan w pts 13 (12) Bill Mortimer, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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4 December (104lbs) Patsy Sheehan w pts 13 (12) Bill Mortimer, London, England. Contested on a private show in the east end, although there was no title billing given this fight was thought to have involved Sheehan’s English title claim at 104lbs, with the men scaling around 102lbs. Both fighters had their successes in what was an evenly fought affair prior to the ninth and tenth rounds. It was then that Mortimer set about Sheehan in a rare fashion, sending in blows from head to body before the latter came back strongly in the last two sessions. With the judges unable to separate the pair at the end of the 12th an extra round was called for and although Sheehan tired he was the one who seemed to be doing the majority of the work. Again, the judges failed to agree and Sheehan had to rely on the referee for the verdict in his favour.

With Harry Barnes continuing his claim to be the English 102lbs champion, Mike Small challenged all England at the weight in January 1891.