1891-03-05 (94lbs) Jackie McGee drew 15 Ben Slope, Falstaff Music Hall, Old Street, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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5 March (94lbs) Jackie McGee drew 15 Ben Slope, Falstaff Music Hall, Old Street, London, England. Referee: G. Crawley. Billed for the English 94lbs title with the winner articled to receive a silver cup, it was very even for the opening five rounds as both men looked for weakneses. In the sixth McGee began to edge ahead, rights to the body being his main point of attack. By the ninth, Slope’s face was showing signs of McGee’s handiwork in the countering department and as each round followed the previous in terms of pattern it appeared that McGee would be the winner. The Sporting Life reported that when the referee announced a drawn decision, despite Slope fighting gamely McGee deserved the verdict due to his ring generalship and better use of both hands.

By December 1892, Walter Croot was claiming the championship at the weight, but he never backed that up and the title was then claimed variously by Joe Bennett, Josh Pocknell, Pedlar Palmer, Ted Gorrie, Jem Stevens, Westminster’s Jack Maloney, Charlie Smith, Dave Job, Ted Beach and Jim Williams (who outpointed Beach over six rounds in the final of a championship belt competition on 18 December 1893 at the Goodwin Club, Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London).