1891-06-24 (90lbs) Harry Munro w co 10 (finish) Jim Collins, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1891-06-24 (90lbs) Harry Munro w co 10 (finish) Jim Collins, London, England. Referee: Frank Carew. Billed for the world and English 90lb titles, using two-ounce gloves, and held somewhere in the east-end of London, Collins set a very fast pace right through to the end of the ninth. During that period, Collins frequently rushed in to close-quarters but found Munro content to defend himself and bide his time. At the start of the tenth, Munro, looking the fresher of the pair, immediately shook Collins with a solid right to the head before following it up with some hurricane fighting. At this point Collins was at Munro’s mercy, and after taking a solid left under the heart, followed by another right to the jaw, he crashed down to be counted out.