1891-08-12 (122/124lbs) Fred Johnson w disq 10 (20) James Jumper Howe, Ormonde Club, Walworth, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1891-08-12 (122/124lbs) Fred Johnson w disq 10 (20) Jumper Howe, Ormonde Club, Walworth, London, England. Howe (122) was down three times in the tenth and on his second rushing into the ring to help him he was disqualified. Recognised in some quarters as involving the English title at 124lbs, despite a lack of billing, Johnson (119), who dislocated his left elbow in the second round and had his left eye cut in the fifth, claimed the championship at the expense of Howe. Thought to be a 122lbs English championship fight by some, it is difficult to evaluate all these years later and despite suffering a bad defeat at the hands of George Dixon the following year Johnson continued to claim the English 122lbs title until being beaten by Ben Jordan on 22 February 1897. Regarding the 124lbs title, on 27 October Stanton Abbott was claiming to be the English champion, while Darkey Barton challenged all England at the weight on 11 November.