1891-10-13 (90lbs) Harry Munro w rtd 12 (finish) Mick Mahoney, London, England

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1891-10-13 (90lbs) Harry Munro w rtd 12 (finish) Mick Mahoney, London, England. Although no title billing was given later gossip stated that the contest had involved the world and English 90lb titles, and was contested in two-ounce gloves. Down in the first it was difficult to see Mahoney surviving at that stage, but he kept going to make a fight of it. In the third round someone called out time with about 30 seconds remaining and after going back to their respective corners both boys were ordered to fight on. Mahoney was staggered at the start of the sixth before being floored twice near the end of the round, leaving Munro totally in charge. It was no surprise when a worn-out Mahoney signalled his retirement at the end of the 12th.

On 13 November, Munro, who was reported as preparing to go to America in search of a fight for the world title, stated that he was willing to defend against Joe Bennett, who was also claiming the English 90lbs title.