1892-01-04 (90lbs) Harry Munro w co 9 (finish) Bill Haines, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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4 January (90lbs) Harry Munro w co 9 (finish) Bill Haines, London, England. Referee: Frank Carew. Contested in two-ounce gloves and held at a venue in London’s west end, regardless that no weights were given or stipulated it was thought to involve Munro’s English (world) 90lbs title claim. Not intimidated by Munro’s reputation, Haines was quickly on the attack and despite taking some heavy counters he drew his rival into a slogging match in the fourth and fifth rounds before he had been worked out. By the sixth Munro was keeping his distance while picking his punches carefully, and in the eighth Haines narrowly escaped being knocked out boxing after punches from head to body opened him up. Picking up where he left off, Munro went for the body in the ninth and halfway through the session a heavy right to the jaw sent Haines to the boards where he remained until the count had been tolled over him.

Later in the year, Westminster’s Jack Maloney claimed the 90lbs title and was followed by Joe Bennett in April 1893.