1892-02-01 (92lbs) Joe Bennett w rtd 15 (20) Mike Lanigan, London, England

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1892-02-01 (92lbs) Joe Bennett w rtd 15 (20) Mike Lanigan, London, England. Referee: Robert Watson. Held in a large ballroom off Regent Street in London’s west end and billed for the English 92lbs title, give or take two pounds, it is interesting to note that the fight was contested in a 14-foot ring. By the second round, the 4’10” Bennett had already proved to be cleverer than Lanigan, dodging blows with ease while landing his own, and by the sixth the latter was visibly weakening from his exertions. Dropped in the seventh and bleeding badly by the tenth, Lanigan was going downhill fast but continued to stick to his guns. From thereon Bennett was totally in control, driving Lanigan around the ring continuously. In the 15th, with the Leeds-based Irishman helpless on the ropes, his second threw up the sponge with just three seconds of the session remaining.