1892-03-28 (136lbs) Sam Baxter w rtd 20 (20) Joe Wilson, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England

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1892-03-28 (136lbs) Sam Baxter w rtd 20 (20) Joe Wilson, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England. Referee: Bernard J.Angle. Announced as being for the English 136lbs title, slowly but surely Baxter (130½) took the lead and in the eighth almost had Wilson (134½) down and out. However, Wilson was not going to go down that easily and he came back so strongly that at the end of the 13th it was too close to call. It was only in the 18th round that Baxter found that Wilson’s ‘Achilles Heel’ was in and around the short ribs and after concentrating his work in that area, halfway through the final session the game Leicester man was pulled out of the contest by his corner, being unable to take anymore punishment.

Following his victory, Baxter was challenged by Stanton Abbott and the men eventually signed to meet at 132lbs in January 1893. Baxter lost that fight and went into virtual retirement, leaving Wilson to challenge all England at 136lbs once again.

Strangely, there were no distance fights that involved the title for some while, but Owen Sweeney (who won a championship competition when forcing Pat Kennedy to retire inside a round at the Central Hall, Holborn, London on 2 February 1894) and Ted Cain (who challenged all England on 5 March 1894) were the leading front runners prior to Arthur Valentine taking the weight class by the scruff of the neck on 19 March 1894 when defeating the Australian, Jim Burge.