1892-12-05 (144lbs) William Robinson w rtd 3 (20) Tom Burrows, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England

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1892-12-05 (144lbs) William Robinson w rtd 3 (20) Tom Burrows, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England. There was no title billing, but with both men inside 143lbs Robinson’s 144lbs title claim would have been at risk. This was a fight that should never have happened, with Burrows, the world champion sculler, participating in his very first contest and by the end of the second round he had already taken a beating, going to his corner decidedly in need of a rest. After rushing Robinson in the third, Burrows was only saved from being floored by the ropes before being smashed down for ‘eight’ by a right to the head. Put down again, on seeing that his man had no chance, Frank Slavin, Burrows’ cornerman, advised the referee that his man was retiring before rushing into the ring to tend to him.

On 20 February 1893, at the same venue, Robinson forced Jim Townsend to retire in the tenth round of a contest in which he had been due to defend his English 144lbs title. Unfortunately, Townsend scaled 150lbs, thus making the title event null and void. This was followed by challenges at 144lbs from Bill Cheese and Lachie Thomson (23 and 28 February 1893) and Anthony Diamond (September 1893).

Meanwhile, 144lbs English championship competitions at the Central Hall, Holborn, London, were won by Ginger Stewart (who walked over Charlie Rowles on 20 October 1894 and then stopped Harry Collins inside two rounds on 6 April 1895) and Jack Fitzgibbon (who outpointed Harry Harrison over four rounds on 17 November 1894).

Following his contest with Harry Nickless at 140lbs on 14 May 1894, Dick Burge threatened to walk away from boxing before challenging the world at 144lbs and claiming the English title at that weight, while Cheese (September 1895), Andrew Newton (February 1896) and Stewart (August 1896) challenged all England at 144lbs.