1892-12-14 (106lbs) Fred Locke w pts 20 Hiram Cutler, Social Club, Kennington, London, England

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1892-12-14 (106lbs) Fred Locke w pts 20 Hiram Cutler, Social Club, Kennington, London, England. Referee: Robert Watson. Billed for the English 106lbs title, the referee was unusual in that he was the only man in British boxing to officiate from inside the ring at that time. By the end of the 11th of what had been a hugely entertaining contest, Locke was way out in front having fought Cutler all over the ring in many of the rounds. A gamer man than Cutler would be difficult to find reported the Sporting Life. From there on Cutler took a shellacking but would not go down, and when time was finally called it was Locke who gained the decision while the loser received the plaudits.

Earlier, other men to have claimed the English title at 106lbs without winning a billed title fight were Dave Cable (June 1882), Jim Gorrie (November 1884) and Harry Barnes (January 1885), while other notables included Tommy Rowan (who challenged all England in November 1885), Arthur Westley (who won a championship competition when stopping Jim Gorman inside two rounds at the Albany Club, Islington, London on 4 April 1886), Dave Phillips (who won a competition at the Pelican Club, Soho, London when outpointing Harry Keating over three rounds in the final on 24 January 1888), Chappie Moran (who challenged all England in January 1889), Alf Gower (who won a championship belt competition when knocking out George Suttle in round three at the Loyal WMC, Hackney, London on 11 April 1889) and Charlie Moxon (who challenged all England in September 1889).

On 7 December 1889, at the Royal Aquarium Theatre, Westminster, London, Westley won a championship competition when outpointing Fred Sullivan over four rounds in the final. Others to challenge all England for the 106lbs title came in the shape of Goody Jacobs (May 1890), Jem Stevens and Goody York (who both claimed the championship in January 1891), Frank Corder (November 1891) and Bill Norton (December 1891), before Westley won another championship competition at the weight when stopping Suttle inside two rounds at the Goodwin Club, Shoreditch, London on 5 December 1891.

With Locke moving up in weight, Jim Knowles and Sid Phillips both claimed the 106lbs title, in April and September 1893 respectively, without any real backing, prior to Pedlar Palmer challenging all England on 21 May 1894, Bill Mortimer and Ernie Stanton preferred.