1892-12-28 (105lbs) Connie Sullivan w pts 10 Hughie Boyle, Coney Island AC, Brooklyn, NYC, NY, USA

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1892-12-28 (105lbs) Connie Sullivan w pts 10 Hughie Boyle, Coney Island AC, Brooklyn, NYC, New York, USA. Referee: Pete Donohue. Given American 105lbs title billing, Sullivan proved to be too accurate for Boyle who continually rushed his man only to be countered. Occasionally Boyle got home with solid blows to the body, but as he was generally on the receiving end the verdict in favour of Sullivan was not disputed.

According to Sullivan’s record, he remained out of the ring until losing on points over six rounds to Jack Madden (105) at the Seaside AC, Brooklyn on 27 August 1894. I have just four more fights for him before he died of pneumonia at the age of 27.

Earlier, on 10 July 1893, Jimmy Barry became the next man to claim the American 105lbs title after forcing Jimmy Shea to retire inside four rounds of a contest scheduled for ten at the Columbian AC, Roby, Indiana, USA. Supposedly made at 105lbs, it was fast and furious while it lasted, with Shea, who was down from a right to the head in the second round, twice being almost knocked over the ropes. Both men battered away with lefts and rights in the third, Shea being be groggy when time was called. At the start of the fourth, Barry tore in and floored Shea almost immediately before he himself was dropped by a blow to the neck. Back on his feet, Barry put Shea down twice more prior to the latter being retired by his corner at the end of the session. Years later, after Barry had passed away, The Ring magazine obituary stated that he had weighed 103lbs while his adversary was said to be some 14 pounds heavier.

On 4 September 1893, a defence for Barry against Johnny Connors at the above venue was called off after the State Governor failed to give his approval.