1893-01-31 (104lbs) Alf Buckingham w disq 19 (20) Bill Bolton, London, England

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1893-01-31 (104lbs) Alf Buckingham w disq 19 (20) Bill Bolton, London, England. Referee: Robert Watson. Contested on a private show somewhere in London and billed for the English 104lbs title, although Buckingham fought in determined fashion it was clear by the halfway stage that he could only win by a knockout so well had Bolton performed. Even though Bolton was put down in the 13th round he came up firing and continued to dominate, his left hand being a supreme weapon. Gamely staying in the fight with the odds against him winning lengthening by the rounds, Buckingham was given the verdict in the 19th after being hit palpably low and unable to continue.

Although Bolton desperately went after a return, it failed to materialise.

In September, both Darkey Edwards and Pedlar Palmer were considered to have a good claim to the 104lbs title by the Sporting Life, while Walter Croot (who won a championship competition when outpointing Bolton over four rounds at the St Andrew’s Hall, Westminster, London on 21 April 1894) and Albert Gould (who also won a championship competition on 20 October 1894, when knocking out Bill Hullett in the second round at the Central Hall, Holborn, London) were men to be reckoned with.