1893-10-09 (102lbs) Mike Small w disq 3 (20) Harry Brown, Exchange Hall, Wolverhampton, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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9 October (102lbs) Mike Small w disq 3 (20) Harry Brown, Exchange Hall, Wolverhampton, England. Referee: Elkan Symons. Ignoring George Beach’s claim, this one was billed for the vacant English 102lbs title and by the second round it was clear that Brown (101¼) had no chance of winning after he had been dropped twice by heavy blows to head and body. Brown was certainly given more time to recover than he should have received after the first knockdown and when the police interfered he had even more time. However, in the third, Small (101¼), concentrating on the body, attacked Brown non-stop and although Brown continually claimed a foul the referee eventually disqualified the latter after one of his seconds jumped into the ring in protest. The title had become vacant after Pedlar Palmer, due to meet Brown, realised he could not make the weight and relinquished his claim.

On September 1894, Small challenged all England and suggested that in order to find an opponent to meet the American, Jimmy Gorman, to decide a world champion at the weight, men such as Albert Gould, Walter Croot, Patsy Sheehan, George Beach, Bill Bolton, Ernie Brady, Alf Buckingham, and himself should take part in a championship competition at 102lbs.