1893-10-31 (96lbs) Jack Maloney w co 9 (20) Harry Munro, Social Club, Kennington, London, England

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1893-10-31 (96lbs) Jack Maloney w co 9 (20) Harry Munro, Social Club, Kennington, London, England. Referee: Robert Watson. Billed for the English 96lbs title, having been made at 94lbs give or take two pounds, Westminster’s Maloney ultimately proved to be the harder hitter of the pair. In the sixth round Maloney knocked Munro clean off his legs, and although making a slight recovery after taking a heavy pounding on the ropes in the ninth the latter was driven to the boards where was counted out.

Men who had earlier challenged all England to decide the championship of the 96lbs weight class included Patsy Sheehan (February 1889), George Fowler and Arthur Onslow (January 1893), along with the two above participants.

On 1 February 1894, Maloney outpointed Munro over six rounds at Bill Goode’s Gerrard Street Gym, Soho, London, and while the Sporting Life claimed that the 92lbs title was involved in reality Maloney was gaining weight, having already signed to meet Joe Bennett for the undisputed 94lbs title.

Also in 1894, Peter McDermott (who had stopped Young King inside nine rounds at the Ormonde Club, Manchester on 8 January) and Dave Job (who outpointed Ted Gorrie at the Raglan Music Hall, The Borough, London on 29 January) were both thought to be claiming the 96lbs title, but were unable to gain much recognition.