1893-12-05 (100lbs) Jimmy Barry w co 17 (finish) Jack Levy, Roby, Indiana, USA

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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5 December (100lbs) Jimmy Barry w co 17 (finish) Jack Levy, Roby, Indiana, USA. Held in private and supposedly billed for the world 100lbs title, with skin-tight gloves the order of the day, very little is known about this contest, and in the knowledge that Barry would soon be moving up in weight Levy continued to style himself as the champion at the weight.

Across the Atlantic, Jim Williams (January 1894) was challenging all England and was joined by other top men at 100lbs in the country such as Jack Pearson (who won a championship competition on 4 March 1894 at the Briggate Assembly Rooms, Leeds when outpointing George Murray over three rounds), Charlie Smith (May 1894), Ted Gorrie (June 1894), Ginger Price and Mike Small (July 1894).