1894-05-23 (98lbs) Charley Gledhill w co 2 (20) Jack Murphy, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1894-05-23 (98lbs) Charley Gledhill w co 2 (20) Jack Murphy, London, England. With both men inside 98lbs, Gledhill claimed the title at the weight on winning but did not defend as such. Held somewhere in the west-end of London, the action was short and sweet as Murphy led and drew first blood in the opening round while Gledhill made the body his priority. In the second session, with both men carrying damage to their eyes, Gledhill put his foot on the gas, a cracking right to the jaw seeing Murphy counted out.

Other fighters arriving on the 98lbs scene included Harry Williams (June) and Harry Ware (who challenged all England in September), Dave Job (who claimed the title in October) and Jack Mitchell (who won a championship competition when outpointing Lew Smith over four rounds at the Central Hall, Holborn, London on 2 February 1895).