1894-09-24 (115/116lbs) Billy Plimmer drew 25 Johnny Murphy, Olympic Club, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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24 September (115/116lbs) Billy Plimmer drew 25 Johnny Murphy, Olympic Club, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Referee: Johnny Eckhardt. Billed for the world 115lbs title, Plimmer (114½) went after Murphy (114¼) right from the opening bell and hurt his man with solid body blows. Although the Daily Picayune reported that Plimmer was in control every step of the way it did not tell the full picture, with the American putting up a tremendous fight and not backing off. At times Murphy, whose face was badly marked up early on and took a lot of punishment, was battered from pillar to post but would not surrender. Dropped by a cracking right-hand counter in the 18th and used as a punch bag for several rounds after, Murphy came back to floor Plimmer in the 22nd with a desperate right hander. Badly hurt, Plimmer held on and with both men exceedingly tired the contest went to the final bell where the referee gave a draw, saying neither man deserved to lose.

Back in Britain, with Plimmer and Willie Smith seen as world champions, Bill Baxter laid claim to the English 116lbs title. Among some of the other men to claim the title were Fred Terry (who was the winner of an English championship competition at the Central Hall, Holborn, London on 2 February 1895, when outpointing Dave Gough over four rounds) and Alf Greer (who also outpointed Gough over four rounds to win a championship competition at the Central Hall on 23 February 1895), while Joe Portley (September 1895) challenged all England.