1894-11-26 (160lbs) Ted Pritchard w co 2 (10) Dick Burge, Eden Palace, Holborn, London, England

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1894-11-26 (160lbs) Ted Pritchard w co 2 (10) Dick Burge, Eden Palace, Holborn, London, England. Referee: Joe Steers. Although there was no title billing for this one at catchweights, there was a clause specifying that Pritchard would not exceed 160lbs while Burge was not affected. Regardless of that there appears to have been no official weigh-in. The first round opened with Burge dancing around Pritchard, shooting in counters while keeping out of harm’s way and the Newcastle man started the second in the same vein. Having missed a lot and been hurt by several hard wallops, Pritchard eventually got to Burge and put him down with a heavy right to the jaw after the latter had left him an opening. Then, with Burge trying to regain his feet, he was smashed to the floor by another cracking right to the jaw and counted out on the 1.45 mark.

There was much debate following the fight due to Pritchard standing over Burge and not going to a neutral corner. Despite there being many calling for a foul to be given they were ultimately overlooked. Whatever the rights and wrongs, Pritchard was now calling himself the English 160lbs champion.

Meanwhile, men who won championship competitions at the weight included Dido Plumb (who stopped Jack Bryan inside two rounds on 15 December at the Central Hall, Holborn) and Ted Rich (who knocked out Fred Greenbank in the first round at the same venue on 2 February 1895).