1895-07-18 (104lbs) Jack Wheal w pts 13 (12) Tom Leary, Grimsby, England

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1895-07-18 (104lbs) Jack Wheal w pts 13 (12) Tom Leary, Grimsby, England. Referee: Tommy Higgins. Although the address of the contest was unknown it was reportedly billed for the English 104lbs title, being a hard slog throughout, both men giving it their all. Leary (102) did his better work early on before Wheal (104) fought back in splendid style to take the fight to the wire, and with the decision in the balance the boys were asked to box an extra round. At this point, with Leary having little left Wheal was declared the winner at the end of the 13th.

On 24 July, a letter from Ike Booth, also claiming to be the 104lbs champion, stated that he failed to see how the above fight could have carried title billing when 20 rounds was the recognised distance.