1896-05-22 (134lbs) Pat Daly w pts 12 Arthur Valentine, Social Club, Kennington, London, England

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1896-05-22 (134lbs) Pat Daly w pts 12 Arthur Valentine, Social Club, Kennington, London, England. Referee: T. J. Hulls. The fight report in the Mirror of Life stated that from first to last Daly had the measure of Valentine, who only looked like making a challenge in the fourth and seventh rounds, and that the points verdict against him was no surprise. In later years, Daly (133) claimed that this was for the English 134lbs title and had been scheduled for 20 rounds. His story was that, with Valentine (133½) on the floor in the 12th round, the latter’s seconds invaded the ring and the referee shouted Daly is the winner and left the building. Daly formally claimed the title on 26 June. With Daly busy challenging the world at 134lbs before moving up to 136lbs early in 1897, other men who arrived on the scene by winning 134lbs championship competitions included Harry Webster (who outpointed George Baxter over eight rounds at the New Adelphi, The Strand, London on 2 October), Tom Ireland (who outpointed Ted Ware over three rounds at the Excelsior Baths, Bethnal Green, London on 12 October), Tom Causer (who forced Maurice Greenfield to retire inside five rounds at the Olympic Club, Birmingham on 30 December) and Joe Anderson (who outpointed Tom Ireland over six rounds at the Excelsior Baths on 24 April 1897).

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