1896-12-07 (126lbs) Martin Flaherty drew 15 Larry Burns, Empire AC, Buffalo, New York, USA

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1896-12-07 (126lbs) Martin Flaherty drew15 Larry Burns, Empire AC, Buffalo, New York, USA. Matched at 126lbs, there was never the prospect of an early finish and when both men started to tire the contest petered out. With the result Flaherty retained his American title claim at the weight. On 1 January 1897 in England, Harry Greenfield, who was claiming the English 126lbs title, challenged the world at the weight. Then, on 15 February 1897, Dixon was down to defend his 126lbs title claim against Jack Downey at the Broadway AC,Brooklyn, NYC, New York, only for the latter to come in at 129½lbs. Although the fight went ahead, resulting in a 20-round draw, there was nothing at stake other than pride.