1897-02-08 (98lbs) Ted Beach w pts 20 Harry Brodigan, Standard Theatre, Gateshead, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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8 February (98lbs) Ted Beach w pts 20 Harry Brodigan, Standard Theatre, Gateshead, England. Billed for the English 98lbs title, both men took time to settle but by the fourth Beach (97) began to pull ahead and had cut Brodigan (97) over the left eye. Nearing the end of the ninth, Beach was knocked over by a swinging right to the jaw before coming back strongly to add to his lead. In the 11th Brodigan went clean over Beach’s shoulder for the second time in the fight and was nearly put out in the 12th by a right hand to the jaw. From thereon it was all Beach as he rammed punches in on his tough rival, who although groggy at times managed to make it to the final bell amidst great applause.

While Beach moved up in weight, Bill Stonelake (who won a championship competition on 20 March when outpointing Alf Rosser over four rounds at The Baths, Holloway, London), Clare Market’s Jack Maloney (who won a championship competition on 10 May when outpointing Wag Hampton over three rounds at the NSC, Covent Garden, London) and Rosser (September) challenged all England to decide the championship of the weight class.