1897-08-20 (150lbs) Paddy Purtell w rsc 6 (20) Lachie Thomson, Olympic Club, Birmingham, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1897-08-20 (150lbs) Pat Purtell w rsc 6 (20) Lachie Thomson, Olympic Club, Birmingham, England. Referee: John S. Barnes. Billed for the world 150lbs title, Purtell, announced as being 149½lbs and fighting in Britain for the first time, really weighed in at 150½lbs but Thomson (149) waived the forfeit to allow the contest to go ahead. Purtell got away well, winning the opening three rounds and flooring Thomson with a solid right as the gong sounded the end of the third. Completely on top during the fifth, Purtell had Thomson at his mercy in the sixth and 30 seconds into the session the referee saved the latter from taking further punishment when stopping the contest in the American’s favour. On 13 September Arthur Akers knocked out Bill Singleton at the above venue in the first of a 20-round contest that was reported in some places as being for the English 150lbs title over 20 rounds. In truth it was a catchweight affair, with both men coming in well above the weight, and was a mismatch that lasted just 117 seconds. Another catchweight affair for Akers (170) came at the Olympic Club on 30 November against Purtell (160). It was all over in the opening round after the American had been floored three times prior to his second entering the ring and earning him a disqualification.