1897-09-08 (158lbs) Charles Kid McCoy nc 5 (20) Tommy Ryan, The Alhambra, Syracuse, New York, USA

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1897-09-08 (158lbs) Kid McCoy nc 5 (20) Tommy Ryan, The Alhambra, Syracuse, New York, USA. Referee: George Siler. The Syracuse Evening News reported that Ryan, although at his best at 145lbs, surprisingly agreed to enter the ring at 154lbs with McCoy scaling inside the articled 158lbs. Politics and police interference saw the fight halted during the fifth round with neither man badly hurt, despite Ryan suffering damage to his left eye. Press reports stated that it was rumoured prior to the fight that the police would enforce a stoppage in the fifth or sixth rounds, but that could not be substantiated. When asked why he stopped the fight, Police Inspector O’Brien said that he had seen Ryan beginning to land heavy blows to McCoy’s kidney region and felt that those punches were unacceptable. It was generally felt that Ryan was ahead at the time of the stoppage and would have gone on to win. Although the leading promoters of the time were anxious for the men to be rematched they could not make the fight due to McCoy sticking out for 158lbs and Ryan wanting 154lbs. Another fight made at 158lbs, scheduled for six rounds, saw McCoy knock out Australian Billy Smith inside two rounds at the 2nd Regiment Armory, Chicago, Illinois on 15 November.