1897-10-11 (100lbs) Ernie Brady w co 11 (20) Jack Maloney, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England

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1897-10-11 (100lbs) Ernie Brady w co 11 (20) Jack Maloney, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England. Maloney (Clare Market) is not to be confused with the man from Westminster. Given billing for the English 100lbs title, the articles actually recorded the bout as being 100lbs, give or take two pounds, which meant that Brady’s title claim at the higher weight was at risk. Both men exhibited much skill in the opening three rounds before Brady (100) was badly hurt in the fourth after Maloney (100) had opened up. After some fierce rallies in the sixth, it was Brady who eventually got the better of his opponent when dropping him heavily from a right to the jaw. However, Maloney responded well, being soon back in the fray before finding himself on 'Queer Street' at the end of the seventh. With Maloney again coming back strongly, as the fight slowed it was noticeable that Brady was picking his punches better, and in the 11th a right cross to the jaw put Maloney down and out.

On the result, Brady was immediately challenged by Harry Ashley, who lost any claim he might have had when he was unable to go through with a fight against Harry McDermott on 26 September 1898.

On 11 March 1899 at the Public Hall, New Cross, London, Alf Rosser outpointed Billy Ray over three rounds to win a championship belt competition, and other men who stated their case as far as the 100lbs title was concerned were George Dunny (who challenged all England in April 1900); Joe Williams (who claimed the 100lbs title in September 1900) and Frank Morcombe (who challenged all England in September 1900).