1897-12-17 (158lbs) Charles Kid McCoy w rtd 16 (25) Dan Creedon, Puritan AC, Queens, NYC, New York, USA

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1897-12-17 (158lbs) Charles Kid McCoy w rtd 16 (25) Dan Creedon, Puritan AC, Queens, NYC, New York, USA. Referee: Sam Austin. With Bob Fitzsimmons recognised as being unable to make 158lbs any longer, the promoters billed this as a battle to decide the middleweight championship at that weight. Made at catchweights, despite the fact that the New York Herald had earlier called it hardly legitimate they later reclassified it as being one of the most important fights since the days of Nonpareil Jack Dempsey.

Although pre-fight newspaper reports had stated that McCoy was expected to make 160lbs to Creedon’s 165, the official announcement at ringside was that McCoy had scaled 155½lbs to Creedon’s 157. Having advantages in height and reach, McCoy used them well against the stocky Creedon, jabbing lefts to the head and reaching for the body, and was always in control. In round nine, after heavy left swings opened up a cut over Creedon’s left eye it came as no surprise when the latter was sent to the floor in the 11th following a right to the head. With Creedon’s eye bleeding freely McCoy saw his opportunity in the 15th, dropping the New Zealander in his own corner. Only just making it to his feet in time Creedon was now at McCoy’s mercy, but although he managed to make it to the end of the session he was unable to respond to the start of the 16th before being retired by his corner.

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