1898-01-28 (116lbs) Charlie Simpson w co 14 (20) Joe Elms, Olympic Club, Birmingham, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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28 January (116lbs) Charlie Simpson w co 14 (20) Joe Elms, Olympic Club, Birmingham, England. Referee: John S. Barnes. Billed for the world 116lbs title and a championship belt, Simpson (115½) should have been disqualified in the second round when one of his seconds rushed into the ring claiming a foul after his man had been punched all over the ring and was being hit and held. After that the referee entered to ring to make sure there were no more interruptions, but that did not stop the American’s corner looking to get Simpson disqualified in the fifth when a low blow was landed on their man. Floored in the sixth by a left to the ribs, Simpson was becoming more and more distressed by the bodywork put in by Elms (115) and although he improved considerably he was still being continuously hurt downstairs. Towards the end of the 13th, Simpson finally got on top of his rival, sending him down for ‘seven’ with a heavy right to the head, and then proceeded to drive the latter all over the place prior to knocking him out in the 14th.