1898-02-19 (105lbs) Steve Flanagan drew 20 Danny Dougherty, Athletic Club, Toronto, Canada

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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19 February (105lbs) Steve Flanagan drew 20 Danny Dougherty, Toronto Athletic Club, Toronto, Canada. Referee: Dan Kelly. With little activity at the weight, both Flanagan and Dougherty had claimed the American 105lbs title, having earlier drawn against each other over 15 rounds at the Olympic AC, Athens, Pennsylvania on 10 January. The Toronto Daily Mail reported that the fight was billed for the world title and that both men were inside 105lbs at the ringside weigh-in, with Dougherty, who had the longer reach of the pair, looking in better condition than his rival. As a spectacle it was poor, with Flanagan mainly on the defensive throughout and Dougherty forcing it along without creating a great impression. At times Flanagan was chased around the ring and on aggression alone Dougherty should have been given the decision according to the Syracuse Herald, something that would have been welcomed by the crowd.