1898-02-25 (116lbs) Joe Barrett w pts 12 Joe Elms, Olympic Club, Birmingham

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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25 February (116lbs) Joe Barrett w pts 12 Joe Elms, Olympic Club, Birmingham. Referee: John S. Barnes. The final of a world 116lbs championship belt competition, the taller Barrett made the better start, scoring well with straight lefts and follow up rights as Elms tried to get inside. Despite being cut over the right eye in the fourth round Barrett kept his composure as the American continued to throw wild rights in desperation, and ultimately ran out a good winner.

Prior to the contest Charlie Simpson challenged Barrett, £100 a side, but the two men would never meet. On 11 May the Mirror of Life reported that Barrett should be seen as the English 116lbs champion and that statement was reiterated in the 22 February 1899 edition of the Sporting Life.