1898-03-10 (134lbs) Tom Causer w pts 10 Arthur Locke, Norfolk Road Drill Hall, Sheffield, England

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1898-03-10 (134lbs)Tom Causer w pts 10 Arthur Locke, Norfolk Road Drill Hall, Sheffield, England. Referee: John S. Barnes. This was the final of an English 134lbs championship tournament that started in Birmingham and finished in Sheffield after the promoters did a runner with the takings. Locke had the best of matters up to the close of the fourth round and despite there being too much clinching there was plenty of clean hitting by both men from there on in. First one would land well only for the other to equalise and, according to the Mirror of Life, things had been so even throughout that the only fair verdict would have been a draw.

The win did little for Causer, who announced his retirement from competitive boxing on 12 December.

At that moment in time a number of men were claiming the 134lbs title, including Walter Eyles, Joe Anderson, Locke and Ted Ware.

On 6 March 1899, Tom Ireland won a championship competition when outpointing George Cunningham over six rounds at Wonderland, Mile End, London, which was followed by challenges to all England from Alf Bannister (August 1899), Jack Goldswain (November 1899), Jabez White (February 1900) and Charlie Tilley (March 1900) before Ireland cemented his claim.