1898-12-12 (144lbs) Bobby Dobbs w rtd 8 (20) Dick Burge, Peoples’ Palace, Newcastle, England

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1898-12-12 (144lbs) Bobby Dobbs w rtd 8 (20) Dick Burge, Peoples’ Palace, Newcastle, England. Referee: George Dunning. Advertised as being for the world 144lbs title, with Burge having knocked Dobbs down at least three times in the opening three sessions it looked as though the fight would not be lasting much longer. Surprisingly, however, despite having clinched on innumerable occasions to save himself by the end of the fifth round Dobbs was beginning to get to Burge. The sixth and seventh were much better rounds for Dobbs as Burge weakened and the eighth was full of fierce fighting, culminating in Charlie Mitchell, who was in the Englishman’s corner, illegally entering the ring and calling for a foul. The referee, who could have disqualified Burge for that but declined to so, refused to disqualify Dobbs for the accidental low blow. When Mitchell said he was not allowing Burge to continue the referee handed the decision to Dobbs amidst much cheering.

This fight effectively spelt the end of Burge in the weight class, regardless of him continuing to claim the English 144lbs title right up until August 1900 and having tried hard to make a match with Pat Daly, who, despite repeatedly challenging the former, never seemed to be available when a match was on the cards.