1899-01-16 (98lbs) Herbert Rix w disq 7 (20) Jack Maloney, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England

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1899-01-16 (98lbs) Herbert Rix w disq 7 (20) Jack Maloney, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England. Referee: Bernard J. Angle. Contested over two-minute rounds at 98lbs, this one got away with plenty of infighting as the smaller Maloney tried to work the body, and several times the pair fell as they wrestled. By the sixth round Rix had the measure of his rival when countering his rushes and the Westminster man was given a final warning for holding and hitting. On continuing in the same vein in the seventh it came as no surprise when Maloney was disqualified, many feeling that he avoided a stoppage defeat by this method.

Although there was no title billing Rix staked his claim to the English 98lbs title on this win.

Two-minute rounds had been introduced for the first time at the NSC, in the wake of Walter Croot and Tom Turner (see under featherweight division) both losing their lives in fights at the club. Another new ruling that came into being for this fight was that any boxer who was disqualified would not be paid unless the foul was accidental. Maloney took the NSC to court, but lost on the grounds that he had signed a contract to accept the referee’s decision, regardless.

At this time, Joe Williams, Bill Pincombe, Frank Morcombe and Billy Ray were all claiming to be champions of the 98lbs weight class.