1899-04-03 (114lbs) Harry Ware w co 19 (20) Billy Plimmer, New Olympic Club, Birmingham, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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3 April (114lbs) Harry Ware w co 19 (20) Billy Plimmer, New Olympic Club, Birmingham, England. Billed for the world 114lbs title, by the third round Plimmer (113½) had his nose in front, blocking his rival’s rushes and boxing in a composed fashion. By the halfway stage the Birmingham man had a substantial lead but when they came up for the 16th, Ware (113), looking the stronger, began to force the exchanges at a great pace. From thereon it was all Ware and in the 18th he further weakened Plimmer with heavy blows to the body before smashing him down with a tremendous right swing to the jaw in the 19th. Although Plimmer almost made it to his feet the count was concluded.

On 14 September, Ware sailed for America to meet Jimmy Barry to decide the undisputed 114lbs championship and when the latter announced his retirement the Englishman claimed the title by forfeit. With Ware gaining recognition as being the world champion at the weight, both Jim Williams and Harry Paul, former victims of his, were claiming the English title by April 1900.