1899-05-29 (102lbs) Charlie Exall w rsc 19 (20) Mike Riley, Standard Theatre, Gateshead, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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29 May (102lbs) Charlie Exall w rsc 19 (20) Mike Riley, Standard Theatre, Gateshead, England. Referee: Ed Plummer. Billed for the English 102lbs title using four-ounce gloves, although Riley (101¾) had built up a good early lead by the end of the sixth Exall (101) had levelled matters up. In the eighth a heavy punch to the jaw nearly did for Exall, but he recovered and after 17 rounds of boxing it was hard to split them in what had been an absorbing and scientific bout. While Exall was punching with the greater force and had Riley going on the odd occasion, invariably the latter would skilfully box his way out of trouble. However, in the 19th Exall stepped it up and battered away non stop at Riley, who was only held up by the ropes, and when the latter’s hands dropped the referee called a halt to proceedings. Interestingly, the Mirror of Life reported that Riley took two counts of ‘nine’ in the 13th round, while the Sporting Life made no mention of that. In replying to a letter written by Ted Beach on 22 November, Exall stated that he was willing to meet the latter to decide the title, despite being beaten by Harry McDermott.