1899-07-14 (137lbs) Tim Kearns w co 12 (25) Wilmington Jack Daly, Broadway AC, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1899-07-14 (137lbs) Tim Kearns w co 12 (25) Jack Daly, Broadway AC, Brooklyn, NYC, New York, USA. Made at 137lbs, body blows ultimately took their toll on Daly and after being doubled up by hard lefts to the wind he was dropped by a short left to the jaw and counted out in the 12th round. Kearns, who was himself dropped in the fifth, eventually lost his American title claim at the weight when defeated by New York Jack O’Brien (l rsc 13 at the Broadway AC on 29 September) at 133lbs. O’Brien then claimed Frank Erne’s right to the world 133lbs championship on 26 October, due to the latter’s failure to put his title on the line against him.