1899-09-05 (158lbs) Charles Kid McCoy w co 3 (20) Geoff Thorne, Broadway AC, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1899-09-05 (158lbs) Kid McCoy w co 3 (20) Geoff Thorne, Broadway AC, Brooklyn, NYC, New York, USA. Referee: Johnny White. Made at 158lbs with both men inside the weight at the 3pm weigh-in, McCoy’s claim at the weight was automatically at stake. After a reasonable start by Thorne, in the second round he was sent to the ropes before dropping on one knee to avoid further punishment. Thorne was then put down by lefts to head and body. In the third, with both men looking for an opening, two terrific lefts to the head sent Thorne crashing to be counted out flat on his face.