1899-12-11 (126lbs) Tommy White drew 20 Art Simms, City Businessmens’ Club Gym, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1899-12-11 (126lbs) Tommy White drew 20 Art Simms, City Business Mens’ Club Gym, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Made at 126lbs White held on to his American title claim, but this would be the last fight he would have at the weight. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that this was possibly one of the worst decisions rendered in the city after an outclassed Simms was given a draw. Despite never having to box at his his best, White was far too good for Simms, who only showed in the eighth and final rounds and looked a complete novice when going to his knees in the ninth. Simms was game all right, but he had no answer to White’s raking left lead that picked up the points throughout.