1899-12-11 (130lbs) Tom Ireland w rsc 5 (15) Jack Roberts, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1899-12-11 (130lbs) Tom Ireland w rsc 5 (15) Jack Roberts, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England. Referee: Bernard J. Angle. Thought to have been made at 130lbs, with both men making solid starts coming into the fourth round there was nothing much between them. The session got underway with Ireland (129) being forced all over the ring before a tremendous left-hand counter to the jaw sent Roberts (129) crashing to the floor. Although saved by the bell Roberts was in such a bad way that he was unable to get off his stool at the start of the fifth, the referee stopping the fight in Ireland’s favour.

As a confident winner, Ireland continued to claim the English 130lbs title, a claim he shared with Jack Goldswain. However, by August 1900 both men were fighting to decide the English 132lbs championship having moved up in weight.

In the meantime, Harry Greenfield was still claiming the 130lbs English title, stating, quite rightly, he had never lost it in the ring, while Bill Wood won a championship competition when defeating Bob Russell on a fourth-round disqualification at Wonderland, Mile End, London on 31 August 1901.

Later that year both Jack Fairclough (November) and Fred McKenzie (December) challenged all England, being followed by Russell (who won a championship competition when outpointing Harry Chamberlain over six rounds at Wonderland on 12 July 1902).