1899-12-13 (146lbs) Tom Woodley w pts 15 Jewey Cook, Goodwin Club, Shoreditch, London, England

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1899-12-13 (146lbs) Tom Woodley w pts 15 Jewey Cook, Goodwin Club, Shoreditch, London, England. Referee: Tommy Orange. Although contested at catchweights, with Woodley challenging all England at 144/146lbs a few weeks later it mirrored the weight that he made for Cook. By all intents and purposes this one was said to be a poor fight, with far too much hugging and very little good work taking place. In the fourth round Woodley landed the best blow of the fight, sending Cook down with a countering right, and in the sixth the latter was stunned by solid blows to head and body before making it back to his corner on shaky legs. The remainder of the fight was less than interesting prior to the referee giving the casting vote to Woodley.

By August 1900, Woodley, along with Pat Daly, Billy Morgan, Jim Styles and Owen Sweeney, was looking to pick up the vacant English 144lbs title that had become available following Dick Burge’s retirement.

Throughout 1901, Cook issued challenges to additional men such as Jack Palmer to sort out the English 144lbs championship to no avail.

There was renewed activity, however, in 1902 when Cook won an English championship competition at the weight on outpointing Dave Barry over seven rounds at Wonderland, Mile End, London on 11 January, and Daly and Charlie Knock (14 May) challenged all England.