1900-02-08 (96lbs) Tom Snow w pts 20 Ginger Owen, New Adelphi Club, The Strand, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of World Championship Boxing
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8 February (96lbs) Tom Snow w pts 20 Ginger Owen, New Adelphi Club, The Strand, London, England. Referee: Eugene Corri. Billed for the English 96lbs title, Snow was soon showing Owen that he had a better knowledge of two-handed fighting and following good exchanges over the first half of the fight he kicked on. As the contest developed Owen began looking for the punch to finish it, but Snow made for a difficult target as jabbed and moved out of range. The longer the fight went Owen had less chance of winning and when telegraphing his punches played right into Snow’s hands. The last three sessions saw Owen pick up the pace but Snow held him off, using adroit footwork and fast hands, and was a clear winner.

On the result, Snow again challenged the world and was taken up by Joe Williams. Six months later, Williams asked what had become of Snow but heard no more, while Bill Pincombe challenged all England at the weight on 19 October to no avail. That was the last heard of the weight class until Jimmy Wilde arrived on the scene.

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