1900-05-18 (158lbs) Charles Kid McCoy w rtd 6 (25) Dan Creedon, Broadway AC, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1900-05-18 (158lbs) Kid McCoy w rtd 6 (25) Dan Creedon, Broadway AC, Brooklyn, NYC, New York, USA. Made at 158lbs, McCoy’s title claim at the weight was on the line in this one and he had no trouble in disposing of Creedon, who looked very much the smaller man of the two. Creedon was knocked down in the third and sixth rounds, the last time seeing his corner throw in the towel after 34 seconds of the session had elapsed. With Creedon never posing a threat, it appeared that McCoy could have finished his rival off at any time.