1900-06-01 (158lbs) Charles Kid McCoy w rtd 13 (25) Jack Bonner, Broadway AC, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA

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1900-06-01 (158lbs) Charles Kid McCoy w rtd 13 (25) Jack Bonner, Broadway AC, Brooklyn, NYC, New York, USA. Made at 158lbs, Bonner was looking to carry off McCoy’s title claim at the weight in this one and gave it his best shot. Bonner was game to the core and fought viciously at times, even putting McCoy on the floor in the eighth round with a left swing to the head. In the ninth through to the 11th, although Bonner was under duress he refused to buckle, but in the 12th McCoy was all over him and sent him to his knees prior to the bell. Springing into action in the 13th, McCoy sent in rights and lefts and after Bonner had capsized from the effects of the battering his seconds threw up the sponge.

From thereon McCoy appears to have left the middleweight division in the possession of Tommy Ryan when taking on James J. Corbett for the heavyweight crown in his very next contest.

Following a three-round knockout win over England’s Geoff Thorne at the Athletic Club, Chicago, Illinois on 10 November at 152lbs, Ryan was next in action on 27 November 1900.

The Chicago Tribune reported that while Ryan’s six-round points win over Kid Carter at Tattersall’s, Chicago on that date could hardly be classified as a championship match, both men had made 158lbs at the 6pm weigh-in.