1900-09-03 (140lbs) Jack Everhardt w disq 10 (20) Tom Ireland, Wonderland, Mile End, London, England

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1900-09-03 (140lbs) Jack Everhardt w disq 10 (20) Tom Ireland, Wonderland, Mile End, London, England. Referee: C. Gootschalk. Contested over two-minute rounds, and billed for the world 140lbs title, with full championship conditions not applied it could not be taken seriously, especially as the American came in at 141lbs. With Ireland going down several times to avoid punishment, at times the contest was a shambles, and in the fifth round after he had thought to have been fouled by Everhardt his second entered the ring to remonstrate with the referee, an action that took over eight minutes to sort out. Ordered to box on in the sixth Ireland went low before getting back to his old tricks in the eighth of going down without being hit. In the tenth Everhardt went back to hitting in the clinches, with a free-for-all existing until the referee jumped into the ring to call order. The fight came to an end when Ireland’s second again jumped into the ring, the referee disqualifying the Englishman immediately. This was seized upon by the press who thought it had been a deliberate action in order to get Ireland out of the contest.

Following this, Ireland won two 140lbs English championship competitions when beating Bill Nolan (w pts 6 at Wonderland on 6 April 1901) and Harry Webster (w rtd 2 at the NSC, Covent Garden, London on 3 February 1902) before losing to Jack Nelson at 142lbs in February 1903.