1900-11-19 (133/134lbs) Tom Dixon w co 16 (20) Ernie Veitch, Standard Theatre, Gateshead, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1900-11-19 (133/134lbs) Tom Dixon w co 16 (20) Ernie Veitch, Standard Theatre, Gateshead, England. Referee: Ed Plummer. Made at 133lbs, despite the lack of championship conditions Dixon’s claim to the English 134lbs title was obviously at stake. Right from the opening bell the fight belonged to Dixon apart from a couple of rounds and having staggered Veitch several times he eventually knocked him over in the 12th following a right to the jaw. Somehow Veitch made it through to the 15th, but he was soon on ‘Queer Street’ before staging a mini-comeback. Round 16 would prove to be the last for Veitch as Dixon went for broke and following four heavy knockdowns the Londoner was finally counted out in the act of rising on the last occasion. Having struggled with the weight this would be the last time that Dixon made 134lbs and men claiming the title included Walter Eyles, Jack Goldswain, Jabez White, Ted Ware (who won a championship competition when outpointing Billy Fairclough over seven rounds at Wonderland, Mile End, London on 23 February 1901), Bill Nolan (who won a championship competition on 3 August 1901, when outpointing Ted Ware over six rounds at Wonderland), Harry Greenfield and Tom Ireland, who was still recognised in some quarters despite inactivity.