1900-12-11 (136lbs) Harry Greenfield drew 15 Tom Ireland, St Andrew’s Hall, Westminster, London, England

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1900-12-11 (136lbs) Harry Greenfield drew 15 Tom Ireland, St Andrew’s Hall, Westminster, London, England. Referee: Edward Humphreys. Not given title billing, but with both men inside 136lbs, Greenfield (135½) and Ireland (135) claimed the English title at the weight following the contest. The opening two rounds saw the fighters continuously clinching and punching away at the kidneys, and in the third Ireland slipped over before having his left eye cut following an attack by Greenfield. After a fairly even fourth, the fifth saw Ireland down for ‘seven’, having taken a right to the body, only to come back strongly in the sixth. Three times Greenfield fought his rival down in the tenth, once more in the 11th, and twice in the 13th. At this stage Greenfield, who was by far the stronger man, cruised through to the final bell to what he thought would be certain victory. Thus, it came as a fair old shock to many of the bystanders when Ireland was given a draw.

In the aftermath there was more activity outside the ring than in it, with several men, including Tom Dixon (April 1901), Charlie Knock (August 1901), Bill Chester (October 1901), Pat Daly (December 1901) and Jim Maloney (January 1902) also looking to get a hold on the 136lbs title when issuing challenges to all England.

Just when it was thought that Daly v Chester would settle matters, the former accepted a world title offer of a fight against Frank Erne, which was called off on 3 January 1902 when it was announced that Daly could not get below 136lbs. In the light of this, Maloney, late of the USA, challenged Chester, while Ireland challenged Maloney without any success.