1900-12-17 George Chrisp w co 14 (20) Harry Smith, Ginnett’s Circus, Newcastle, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1900-12-17 George Chrisp w co 14 (20) Harry Smith, Ginnett’s Circus, Newcastle, England. Referee: Thomas Gale. Made at catchweights, but given English heavyweight title billing locally, Chrisp (170) had not fought seriously since losing to the American, Frank Craig, in November 1898. Although Chrisp’s blows had more venom than those of his opponent it was soon noticeable that Smith (167) was scoring more effectively and he began to build up a lead. By the third the pace was terrific and it was hardly surprising that the men were already tiring. In the fifth Chrisp, scoring heavily with uppercuts and swings to both head and body, was looking the stronger and he had Smith groggy in the seventh. Still, Smith was landing more, but he was struggling to keep clear of the punishment, especially to the body, that Chrisp was handing out. Coming into the 13th Smith had slowed considerably and Chrisp, picking up the pace, drove in four heavy rights to the jaw to send the Birmingham man to the floor. Gamely getting to his feet, Smith was at the mercy of Chrisp before the bell came to his rescue, but he would not be so lucky in the 14th when a terrific left hook to the jaw saw him smashed to the floor and counted out. With Jack Scales not that highly thought of as an English title claimant, Chrisp immediately put in a claim of his own.