1901-04-22 (122lbs) Benny Yanger drew 20 Johnny Ritchie, P. J. Carroll’s Club, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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1901-04-22 (122lbs) Benny Yanger drew 20 Johnny Ritchie, P. J. Caroll’s Club, Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Referee: Doc Hottum. Made at 122lbs and announced as being for the world 122lbs title, both men having made the weight at the 3pm weigh-in, Yanger was well on top throughout. His job was made easier by the fact that his seconds repeatedly threw water on the canvas, which led to Ritchie being continually forced on to the slippery surface. Both men were pushed to the floor several times and Ritchie was dropped in the eighth and 12th rounds, but with the fighters carrying bad cuts the final four sessions were evenly contested. After free-for-alls broke out on several occasions between both sets of seconds, fearing for his safety the referee announced a draw before fleeing the ring.