1901-08-19 (154lbs) Philadelphia Jack O’Brien w co 6 (15) Dido Plumb, Ginnett’s Circus, Newcastle, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1901-08-19 (154lbs) Philadelphia Jack O'Brien w co 6 (15) Dido Plumb, Ginnett’s Circus, Newcastle, England. Referee: Ed Plummer. Billed for the British version of the world 154lbs title, O’Brien (153) was far too good for Plumb (152) in both skill and power. After punching it out in the opening two rounds with Plumb and dropping him near the end of the third it was clear that O'Brien would ultimately win the day. In the fourth session Plumb took some heavy punishment as O’Brien began to open up with both hands, and although the Englishman came back strongly in the fifth he could not find a way through his rival’s guard. The sixth saw Plumb continually tearing into O’Brien, but after several attempts to bring his man down had failed he was sent to the boards to be counted out following a battery of heavy blows to the jaw.