1901-09-09 (138lbs) Charlie Knock w co 3 (20) Tom Dixon, Standard Theatre, Gateshead, England

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1901-09-09 (138lbs) Charlie Knock w co 3 (20) Tom Dixon, Standard Theatre, Gateshead, England. Contested at 138lbs, the moment the opening bell went Knock (138) tore into Dixon (138), fighting desperately hard and targeting the body, while the latter gradually boxed his man off with stiff left jabs to the head. The action was repeated in the second round, leaving both men weak at the gong. The third session saw the pace resuming as if there was no tomorrow and Knock was the first to show when smashing Dixon to the boards with a right to the jaw. Although Dixon got to his feet he only managed to last a few seconds more before being completely knocked by another hefty right swing after Knock had chased him down.

Immediately after the fight, Knock claimed the English 138lbs title but was soon fighting among the welterweights, leaving men such as Bill Chester (October 1901), Pat Daly (October 1901) and Jim Maloney (March 1902) to challenge all and sundry at the weight.

On 5 September 1902, Maloney turned up at the offices of the Sporting Life to make a match with Daly, but the latter failed to show and Maloney claimed the English 138lbs title by forfeit.

Nine days later a proposed match between Maloney and Chester fell through when the former’s backer failed to put down a deposit.

Maloney continued to claim the title, while Jack Goldswain (August 1903), Tom Edmunds (September 1903), Jack Nelson (October 1903) and Pat Daly (March 1904) challenged all England, but failed to make it stick.